I’m fortunate to have met Mr. Stone

I’m fortunate to have met Mr. Stone at a time of deep personal crisis in my life. Years of alcoholism and drug use had taken me to a place so dark that I believed the only way out was through my eventual death. I very nearly succeeded. Circumstances beyond the scope of this letter led my family to come into contact with Mr. Stone and the service he provides.

The reality was not that my family loved me enough,but that they had no idea of how to best help me. I have been blessed that that day (3/15/10) marked a new beginning for me. After a time at rehab, I moved back home. Stanley moved in with me for a week to aid in my transition from rehab to sober living.I think fondly of that time. Stan helped me immediately pick my sponsor, obtained a therapist, and enrolled me into an intensive outpatient program.

These all still play critical roles in my continuing recovery. Stanley’s monitoring program (1 year) was also extremely helpful. I was held accountable as well as receiving critical mentoring advice regarding my program as well as my life adapted. I would gladly answer any questions regarding the services Mr. Stone offers. I, for one, am convinced Mr. Stone’s role in my life and recovery are very much key to the fact that I am able to even write this letter. I enjoy the friendship of the Stone family to this day.