A Continual Source of Strength

I have known Stanley for 6 years. During this time, he has been my confidant, my advisor, my continual source of strength and my friend. Most importantly, Stanley is the man who helped save my sister’s life.

My sister has a serious problem with alcohol and is very sick. Her addiction and the ensuing downfall has been nothing less than horrific to watch. As my sister’s life unraveled she adamantly resisted help of any kind – except, of course, financial support. Like most loved ones of alcoholics, our family has been devastated and fractured. The toll on our family has been heavy.

While waiting for what seemed like a miracle, the entire family spent many years floundering – some members of the family argued while others denied the severity of the problem and some members simply backed away, feeling angry and hopeless. Finally, at our first intervention attempt, Stanley came into our lives. I knew instantly, from years of Alanon meetings, that Stanley was more than competent. He knows the world of addiction like no one I have ever met and is highly effective in putting treatment plans into action.

Sadly, our first intervention was not enough to truly heal my sister and her condition continued to worsen. I was beyond crushed and truly feared for her life. For 5 years I regularly consulted with Stanley and he advised me over and over again to wait for my sister to find that one moment of clarity. When that moment finally came, my sister weighed 88 pounds.

Stanley and I worked nonstop to get her help. He scoured the country to find a facility willing to take someone so sick, which was no small task. Stanley flew to be by her side, packed her belongings and took her to the treatment facility we had selected. And just as importantly, he insisted I obtain power of attorney, close her apartment and put her car in storage. I was also instructed to contact every friend and relative to instruct them not to give her money. He wanted to make sure she couldn’t return home after treatment to begin drinking again.

My sister has been sober for a year and is living in an inpatient treatment facility. The road to her sobriety has been difficult to say the least and we have encountered several problems along the way. But no matter what has come up, Stanley has consistently been there for me and my family – offering stellar advice and kindness. I will always, always be grateful to him.